"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone: a new life has begun!"

Corinthians 5:17

Do you hear the Adirondack Mountains calling you?

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Arise, and Climb The Mountain - Transformational Trek Study Guide by Sharon Eleanor Todd
#1 New Release Christian Pastoral Counseling! - Transformational Trek

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Each lesson is packed with stories, questions, and insights and your journey will involve: 

My friends, the hard stories you have endured will not be wasted. As you follow Christ up the mountain, He will help you grow in faith and restore your hope. As God takes you deeper into the Adirondack wilderness, you can trust the Holy Spirit to guide you, one step at a time. Remind yourself daily, when God doesn’t move your mountains, He gives you faith to climb them. Are you ready? Let’s go!
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Fantastic! Shifting between her love of nature and of God, Todd conveys powerful illustrations of inspiration and self-reflection through dynamic prose. Her ability to shift from the personal to the natural to the divine challenges the reader to ponder his relationship with the natural world and has convinced this reader to spend a week in…

Michael G.

“Sharon has a way of gently guiding a person, at any season in their lives, to Gods Word, for encouragement, for hope, for guidance and for truth to cope with any stumbling blocks we may come across as disciples for Christ. One could almost feel her gently hand on their shoulder nudging them towards Gods’…

L. Lickwar

“Arise, and Climb the Mountain” is the eloquently written exploration of God’s provision through Sharon’s own life experiences as well as the truths gleaned through her encounter with Him one morning in the mountains. This illustrative story, written alongside further elaboration of the truths of the gospel and accompanied by a Scripture-centered study guide, provide…

Lynn W.

We live in a world of broken people whom God is longing to bring hope, forgiveness healing and redemption to. Sharon shared her experiences in a very relatable way. After reading this book you will no longer have to wonder if God can help someone rise above their low places and struggles. Sharon’s book is…

Julie B.

Love this book! I am a pastor of a church in the Adirondack Park, and I can say that this book is not only spiritually encouraging, but it is also culturally accurate! Sharon Todd takes you on a journey with her writing, not just to deeper places of faith as her journey impacts you, but…


“The book is very meaty for the believer and yet approachable for the non-believer. Sharon bridged that well. Her steady spiritual insights kept me invested in the book.”

Ryan S

Let me begin by saying, my life is better for being blessed by our Lord to call Sharon Eleanor Todd my sister in Christ. Sharon is a warrior for God. She is ever mindful to always point the Glory to God. It is woven in her soul to walk with Christ throughout her life. Sharon…


This book is so encouraging, and reminds us that God is always with us, and always for us, no matter what we do. And it is so interesting to hear how God worked in the author’s life, often in very unexpected ways. I also felt that it has just the right amount of scripture. This…

Kristin K.

Sharon’s faith and love for God speak to all readers in her novel. Sharon allows her audience into her past to view her exposed heart which was one of disappointment, heartache, and deep betrayal. Sharon demonstrates how she prayed, trusted, and obeyed God in the toughest of times. She drew closer to God in search…


“This book is for everyone. Whether you’re a hiker or not (and I’m not), there are powerful images that resonated with me, challenges that I also faced, and accounts of surmounting life’s hurdles. Beautifully written, easy to digest, and insightful from beginning to end. The perfect companion!”

Marilyn C

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