“Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”

Isaiah 60:1

Hey, I’m Sharon and I’m excited to introduce you to the stunning beauty of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. My family has deep roots in the Adirondacks which go back over four generations, and our camp at Lake Titus is a special part of that history. The Adirondacks have been a place of renewal for my family and inspiration for my writing for over 20 years.  I am passionate about empowering people to grow in faith and experience renewed hope, healing, and purpose. Over the years, I have worn many hats in ministry including serving in hospitals, universities, urban churches, short-term missions, zoom meetings, and hiking trails. 

When I’m hiking in the mountains, gliding down the lake in a kayak, or just sitting on the dock watching the sunrise, I am in awe of God and His artistry displayed in His spectacular creation. I’m looking forward to taking you on an adventure of faith in the Adirondacks. First, read my story in Arise, and Climb the Mountain, and then the Holy Spirit and I will guide you through your own story in the Transformational Trek Study Guide. Are you ready? Put on your hiking boots and join me on an adventure.

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About the Author

Sharon Eleanor Todd resides in Connecticut and spends her summers in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. She is an artist at heart, adventurer in spirit, and an Adirondack Park enthusiast. Sharon is most content when she is sitting in her favorite Adirondack chair watching the sunrise over the lake with a Bible in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other. She is passionate about teaching others how they can grow in their relationship with Christ through one-on-one discipleship, ministry retreats, and training workshops. She is a contagious encourager who enjoys fostering a renewed sense of hope, significance, and purpose. Sharon’s various ministry roles have taken place both globally and locally in hospitals, universities, churches, and on hiking trails. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology, a Master in Educational Leadership, and a Master of Divinity. Sharon’s education and ministry experiences have fueled her passion for helping people grow in their faith and lead in their giftedness.


This is an uplifting book; it is an inspiration and encouragement. Sharon Todd is taking you through the journey of life in the wonderful environment of the Adirondacks and lake Titus. She teaches you how to fight your mountains in Jesus Christ and find peace, harmony, and joy in Him.

R. Casundo

“The Transformational Trek Study Guide began in me a deep desire to amend my life and walk with Jesus, more closely. I recommend this study to anyone who has the desire to embrace a radical transformation and to follow Jesus Christ with boldness, courage and authenticity. Take this journey, climb your mountains, ask God to…

Lisa L.

“What a magnificent story! One minute I am reading the Bible and the next I am reading a love story, the next a manual for survival, the next a devotional and then I’m reading a comedy. Thank you, Sharon, for writing this book and sharing it with all of us. It is such a beautiful…

Debi A

I really needed these words of truth that are balm yet full of piercing conviction too. The way you write makes everything so personal and fosters deep self-reflection with a Godly perspective. Love, love, love it! And so scripture rich, Hallelujah!

Jeannette B

Taught me to persevere through difficulty

Jenn E

Fantastic! Shifting between her love of nature and of God, Todd conveys powerful illustrations of inspiration and self-reflection through dynamic prose. Her ability to shift from the personal to the natural to the divine challenges the reader to ponder his relationship with the natural world and has convinced this reader to spend a week in…

Michael G.

Let me begin by saying, my life is better for being blessed by our Lord to call Sharon Eleanor Todd my sister in Christ. Sharon is a warrior for God. She is ever mindful to always point the Glory to God. It is woven in her soul to walk with Christ throughout her life. Sharon…


This book is very inspiring! You have a feeling of victory even if all your problems are not resolved according to all your prayers. In in the end, you know that everything works together for the good of those who love God. He will never forsake you or leave you. He loves us unconditionally and…

Deborah A.

“The book gives hope to the reader, knowing we are not alone. It gives instruction to the lost, spiritually blind, and depleted. Rest-assured, if you trust and believe in God’s promises in His Word, you can climb any personal mountain in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

M. Aldave

Sharon Todd has a beautiful way of sharing her trial through life with her love of the Lord and His words. Her writing brings you along her journey as if you are hiking alongside of her. Each chapter gives Hope and Faith that with God in your Heart and Soul, you can move impossible obstacles.…

Susan S.